Love. Obsession.

Same Difference.

Finally (complete)

Prologue (Pity Party)

Chapter 1 (A New Start)

Chapter 2 (Saying Nothing Good)

Chapter 3 (Start Boxing)

Chapter 4 (Back to Reality and Clarity)

Chapter 5 (Stop Talking)

Chapter 6 (What a Mess with a Birthday on Top) 

Chapter 7 (Confusion and Confessions)

Favorite Sparky Quote Fanart from Paulina (hutchdreamer) for Finally

Chapter 8 (What in the Wild Blue Yonder?)

Chapter 9 (Less Talk and More Action)

Chapter 10 (Fight Tiger) NC-17

Chapter 11 (Missing Filters)

Chapter 12 (Out of Her Element) NC-17

Chapter 13 (Secrets Don’t Make Friends) NC-17

Chapter 14 (Trimming the Fat)

Chapter 15 (Car Talks) NC-17

Chapter 16 (Merry Christmas, Baby!)

Chapter 17 (My Apologies) NC-17

Half-past Midnight Fanart from Paulina (hutchdreamer) for Finally

Chapter 18 (Ringing in the New Year) NC-17

Chapter 19 (Frigid Fire) NC-17

Chapter 20 (For Love, Not for Profit)

Chapter 21 (Impatience is Not a Virtue) NC-17

Chapter 22 (Adrenaline Rush) NC-17

Chapter 23 (Downpour)

Chapter 24 (Unexpected Heat)

Chapter 25 (Dreams and Nightmares) NC-17

Chapter 26 (The Gulf)

Chapter 27 (Mind Over Matter)

Chapter 28 (All In) NC-17

The Daybreak (A epilogue type one-shot written for me by Paulina that helps complete the story)

Christmas One Shot (Sparking Traditions) NC-17

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